Quartz plaster

Quartz Plaster

Quartz plaster is a type of swimming pool resurfacing finish that is used to make the pool shell water-tight and to offer cosmetic appeal and durability to your pool.

There are a variety of quartz plaster brands and colors to choose from!

Some other types of plaster to choose from include white plaster, pebble plaster and glass bead plaster.

What is Quartz Plaster made of?

Quartz plaster is made up of portland cement, sand, water and the addition of quartz.

There are different grades of quartz plaster. Quartz can be nominally added to the batch to add a little color and quartz to your white plaster, or quartz can be added in significant quantities to make your plaster more colorful and longer lasting. Corpus Christi Pools only uses manufacture brand bag material and mixing requirements to give you the full warranty.

How long will Quartz Plaster last?

Quartz plaster will last approximately 7 to 14 years if nominally added to the plaster batch. If you’ll notice, this lifespan is the same as white plaster. This is typically not enough quartz additive to make your finish longer lasting than white plaster.

On the other hand, there are many quartz plasters where there is a significant amount of quartz in the mix to give your quartz plaster lifespan a range from 10 to 20 years.

The key here is: are you just getting some quartz additive?…or are you getting a quartz plaster. The easiest way to tell is to check the warranty! Warranties on par with white plaster likely mean you will just have some quartz added to the mix. However, warranties for 5 to 10 years means you likely have a quartz finish with a substantial amount of quartz.

How much does Quartz Plaster cost?

Quartz plaster will cost slightly more than white plaster and often times less than a pebble plaster.

The cost will vary widely depending on what brand of quartz is being used and what portion of the batch is quartz as opposed to white plaster.

When comparing the costs of your quartz options and the companies bidding, keep in mind the warranty. A plaster finish with just quartz additive will have an inferior warranty to a finish that is significantly quartz.

What color water will Quartz Plaster give me?

Quartz plaster can give your water color a tons of options.

There is means colors of quartz from light blue, blue, dark blue, light green, green, teal, light gray, dark gray, black, and more that can be added or blended together to give you an almost infinite range of water colors.

In addition to the quartz itself, the plaster can have a pigment applied like blue or gray or tan to further enhance your water color.

Quartz Plaster Pros and Cons


    • Almost infinite color options

    • more durable than white plaster (if significantly added)

    • more affordable than pebble or glass-bead plaster

    • better warranty than white plaster (if significantly added)


    • less affordable than white plaster

    • susceptible to aggressive water chemistry if not added in significant amounts

Quartz Plaster Brands

Always discuss what type of quartz and how much will added to your pool to help determine or compare bids with other companies bidding on your quartz plaster job. The reason is simple: one company can just quote a sprinkling of quartz and tell that its quartz plaster, while the other company is giving you a genuine quartz plaster with a significant amount of quartz involved.

Some brands that Corpus Christi Pools installs includes:

  • Quartz scape

    • Marquis Magic

    • CLI Industries