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At Corpus Christi Pools, we are constantly asked, "What's the BEST swimming pool surface? Should I get plaster or pebble?" At least part of the answer is very simple - the BEST pool surface is the one that is well applied to your swimming pool by the technicians at Corpus Christi PoolsSwimming pool refinishing depends on one factor more than any other - PREP WORK. Most prep work is labor intensive - usually there is no good shortcuts, you either do it the right way, or you don't. Failure to prep properly doesn't show up until the contractor is paid up and long gone. This temptation is made worse by price shopping. Good pool contractors have to  walk away from work constantly because they know their prices will be higher than that of shoddy competitors who will skimp on the prep.
Also proper water chemistry is a must, all plaster will fail with bad water chemistry. We offer cleaning service after the sale and can make sure your water is properly balanced so your pool surface will last for years. At Corpus Christi Pool you can be sure to get a warranty when we plaster your swimming pool. For years there was only one popular interior finish for swimming pools and that was a plaster finish made up of white cement and crushed marble sand which is mixed together on the job and hand troweled over the gunite surface.
In the past ten years or so a lot of changes have taken place in interior finishes. 
 Our goal has always been to ensure the satisfaction of every customer.
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                                                                                                       Capture the sparkle and brilliance of the world’s finest gems in a stunning, durable interior pool finish.                                                                                                                     Available in array of dazzling colors, JewelScapes® combines the beauty of smooth, colorful glass                                                                                                                         beads with the highest quality pigments and aggregates for a finish that’s beyond compare.

Transform an ordinary pool into a work of art with SunStone® quartz pool finishes. 

This remarkable formula will add a sparkle to any pool, and it’s as hard and as tough as any pool surface available today.

SunStone is a combination of durable quartz aggregate and enhanced Portland cement, accented with colored quartz aggregate.

 The result? A magnificent pool finish that not only looks great but resists the effects of degradation. SunStone’s wide array of colors and textures make it ideal for pools, spas and water designs in any environment.

All plaster material and workmanship, provided by our company, is guaranteed for a period of 1 year, 5 years for jewel and quartz products with modifiers from the date of plaster. The warranty is void if pool is drained without prior notification. As well, the warranty is void if problem arises due to improper maintenance and /or improper water chemistry. Proper water chemistry is the responsibility of the homeowner. Pool water must be tested weekly and records kept on hand by a reputable pool company that offers computer aided water analysis. This limited warranty is non-transferable read terms for more info and is only valid to the original homeowner.

The newest innovative most modern blend available in today’s market. We use the smallest sized micro pebble enhanced with the radiant brilliance of iridescent, multi – hued, gem like glass crystals of Pebble Radiance and abalone shell. Vibrant water hues and ultra smooth finish completes the look and feel of this new interior pool finish.
                Blue Frost                                                  Indigo Crush                                             Radiant Pearl

                                       Regal Blue                                                                               Silver Lining

Finest Finish® COMMERCIAL QUARTZ Series is a mix of 50% quartz and 50% ultra white marble sand blend mixed with Universal White pozzolanic patented cement and polymer additives for a finish that is both stunning and durable. Ultra Blue is richly formulated with 20% blue colored quartz  aggregate for an opulent blue water color. Smooth and elegant, this finish will provide lasting beauty for years to come. Both high performance finishes are well suited for commercial-grade projects or a backyard oasis. The Commercial Quartz Series has undergone the ASTM PSI test and results after only 28 days were at 9550 PSI. This finish is resistant to acidic water, lasts longer than conventional finishes, and is easier to maintain                                  
                                                                                                                      Ultra White   

Ultra Blue

QuartzScapes® Caribbean Series
Bring the beauty of the deep blue Caribbean Sea to your own backyard with QuartzScapes® Caribbean Series finishes. From Aruba Sky to St. Martin Shade, these six intense, vivid hues will give you the island view you've always dreamed of.

  • Aruba Sky
    Aruba Sky
  • Grenadine Gray
    Grenadine Gray
  • Montego Bay
    Montego Bay
  • Barbados Blue
    Barbados Blue
  • St. Martin Shade
    St. Martin Shade
  • Curacao Night
    Curacao Night

A premium blend of crushed quartz, white cement and mineral-based pigments, QuartzScapes merges beauty and strength for a stunning pool finish.  Natural quartz is one of the world’s strongest minerals and QuartzScapes interior pool finishes create reliable beauty that will last.


        Ivory         Sky Blue               Tropical Blue                      Super Blue                        Blue 
                 Ivory               Sky Blue                Tropical Blue              Super Blue                       Blue

          Mariner Blue               Cappuccino                 Bonsai                             Tahoe Blue                      French Gray
       Mariner Blue            Cappuccino                 Bonsai                         Tahoe Blue                    French Gray

        Midnight Blue                              Anvil
            Midnight Blue                                              Anvil

    *Important Note: Due to individual computer monitor limitations; there is no guarantee that colors viewed on this website will accurately reflect Pool Finish colors. The shade of pool finishes may also vary within any given color – an inherent quality that enhances their beauty. Always visually check the actual shade of the finish before installation. Use constitutes acceptance.

    How to order  tiles and glass: Fill out form below

    How to order  tiles and glass: Fill out form below

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